Imagine… that is our credo


At TOSS, we see the role of an institution, any institution, as that of an incubator. A good teaching institution, we believe, should be a breeding ground for inquiring minds who want to engage with ideas and creativity. We provide credited vocational curriculum from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences through their skill knowledge partner Whistling Woods, Mumbai along with our own innovative courses in media studies encompassing journalism, animation, cinematography, direction, editing, script writing, sound, production, etc and workshops on weekends and evenings with faculty offering progressive experiences in photography, creative writing, film-making and other subjects.


Our goal is to awaken the individual imagination, push it to discover its creative core and set it upon a path of reflection and expression. We want to take passionate minds and move them through the creative process of brainstorming, interaction with experienced professionals and practical experience to reignite personal and career passions.

We see ourselves as a facilitative environment that transforms passionate interests into action. Through the use of storytelling, informative workshops and real-life experiences, we seek to improve an individual’s understanding of their true potential and tell their stories.


TOSS is founded on a mentor/ mentee learning model that incorporates experiential learning in order to discover and hone qualities in both learners and teachers through master classes, workshops and special projects. The approach is evolutionary and breaks the rigidity of accepted academic constructs of storytelling in any form.