Beginners, the world of writing is vast and fascinating. This course has been designed to provide an orientation to all major forms of writing under the broad distinctions of fiction and non-fiction. After instruction in each writing style (listed below), students will be required to do practical work in that genre, which will help them identify strengths, weaknesses, natural flair, and interest level. Following this, students will have the liberty of choosing one particular genre in which to do their final assignment.
  • Sentence construction
  • Fiction vs non-fiction
  • SOP
  • Journalism
  • Blogging
  • Short story writing
  • Film/play script
  • Novel
  • Business report
  • Academic paper
  • Review writing
  • Poetry
  • Content for Power point

A basic knowledge of language and grammar proficiency along with a vivid imagination.

72 + 24 [master class] hrs beginning February 2018

[6 hours + 8 hours / 5 days a week. Total duration 3 months]

Kartik Bajoria, a Doon School & New York Film Academy alumnus, he has a diverse career that includes writing across various media. Regularly lecturing across schools & colleges, Kartik has also branched out as a ghost writer, an independent personality-development, creative writing & communications instructor, conducting short & long-term workshops at various organizations and stand-alone locations. He also helms many literary events as host & moderator. Kartik continues to pursue his educational as well as content creation endeavours, balancing both, always mindful of doing work that embodies a strong social conscience. You can read more about him at

Laptop/notebook, pens, and most importantly, an open mind!

It is unlikely that an enrolee will author a book as soon as they complete the programme. However, what is very likely is that a writer may be born. The programme’s raison d’être is to make the enrolee discover himself/herself through an exposure to various kinds of writing and to help evaluate if this world is something the person may belong in, be more curious about, and want to specialize in further.