By Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

The journalism programme by Tata Institute of Social Sciences is designed to prepare students for careers in a wide range of print and TV news platforms. In this course, students will develop and hone the various skills needed to work in this field, such as writing, information-gathering, reporting, video production, online journalism, and media literacy.

  • Introduction to news, its elements and sources
  • Structure of the news story
  • What is reporting?
  • Essentials of a good reporter / reportage
  • Types of reporting
  • The craft of writing copy
  • Elements of broadcast journalism
  • The TV newsroom
  • Newscasting and anchoring
  • Introduction to editing
  • Role & responsibilities of news personnel
  • Developing the visual news story

Bachelor’s degree

120 hrs beginning July 2017

[6 hours / 3 days a week. Total duration 6 months]

You will learn how to find, collect, and report news for both print and electronic media. You will also learn distribution of video and audio content to a wide audience via television, radio, and the internet. Students will learn to write radio and TV scripts as well as how to use electronic media equipment.