Are you Curious? Do you have… The Capacity to Self-Reflect? A Generosity of Spirit? Empathy? An Open Mind?

This is where you should be.


The Open Space Society is an incubator for inquiring minds from 18–80, keen to engage with the arts and media studies in an open, creative environment. Here, you will launch your latent imagination and develop creative and technical excellence through practicable interface with informed mentors, storytelling, hands-on workshops and real-life experience.

Here you will get your hands dirty!

The TOSS experience is about learning by doing.

For starters, the physical space itself has been repurposed on the principals of reduce, reuse, recycle. Most materials used in the building were old and ready for the landfill, and rather than junk them, we have refined, remodelled and refashioned them to create a creative space that is vibrant and encourages a free flow of ideas.

So, go on, get your hands dirty, get your juices flowing!

Experiment. Build on your skills in our industry standard classrooms, photo studio, darkroom, gallery spaces, publishing studio and amphitheatre. Discover new possibilities and practices with our inspiring community of experienced academics, experts and leading practitioners.

Learn with our experienced faculty as they take you through specialized courses with tangible learning outcomes.


A mind is like a parachute. It

doesn’t work if it is not open.

                                                                                                             — Frank Zappa

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